Columbia County School System rolls out Purposity app to meet student needs



The Columbia County School District welcomes Purposity to meet student needs

EVANS, GA – The Columbia County School District is proud to announce a new partnership with Purposity, an app that connects users with one-to-one needs in our community. Initially, this partnership aims to fulfill the essential needs of Columbia County students and their families. However, our hope is that this app will eventually be used to provide a helping hand for any in need in our community.

If you knew a child down the street had a simple need – say she needed sneakers for school – chances are you would help. But, it is difficult to know the needs of real people in your community because there has never been a way to connect people who could really use help with people who want to offer it.

Enter a new app: Purposity. Its name comes from purpose + generosity, and it is designed to connect the individual needs of people near you with neighbors like you.

The vision for Purposity is to connect people to “doing good,” the way Facebook connects us to friends and Google connects us to information, and to inspire the next generation to live generously.

Dubbed Your Tool for Good, the Purposity app sends users a weekly notification of needs right here in Columbia County, along with a simple, quick way to fill those needs. Needs range from items like shoes and jackets for a local student to small household items for a family that has lost their home in a fire, and all needs have been vetted by our very own school social workers and wraparound support specialist. The app also features user profiles, which track donors’ anonymous giving and allows them to see their impact.

Those who sign up will receive alerts with links to brief stories of individuals in need and can then choose to meet one or more needs right on their phone with just a few clicks. The requested items arrive in the hands of our social workers in just a few days.

It takes one text, under two minutes, and a few clicks to make a difference. Graciously funded by Georgia Power, Columbia County wants to add to the growing list of users to help fulfill needs of our students and their families.

To join the movement in Columbia County, visit or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


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